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Lebaran only counts the days. The moment of Eid is definitely done, of course going home to my hometown. However, going home requires a lot of money. Well, a 24-hour liquid online loan can be a shortcut.

Compared to borrowing money from the bank for homecoming costs, online loans can offer a much faster and easier process.

Now loan applications can be made through the application on your smartphone . So, prospective debtors do not need to leave the house or queue for a long time at the bank.

But behind the convenience offered, this online loan also has a number of risks. One of them is the risk of fraud on online loans . Debtors can be trapped on a loan offer with a very large interest without prior information.

Therefore, it is important to ascertain whether the online loan service has been registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) or not.

In order for you to avoid online loan services, here are 5 trusted, secure, registered OJK and 24 hour liquid loan applications that can be selected.

5 24 Hour Liquid Online Loan Application

5 24 Hour Liquid Online Loan Application

1. Hilary

Online credit Hilary from Denao Bank provides loan funds of up to Rp 20 million without the need for collateral. The decision making process is only 24 hours, and the fund disbursement process is only 3 working days. The tenor offered is a maximum of 20 months.

One of the keys for you to not be immediately rejected is to wait until the submission process is complete. Don’t apply for a loan at Hilary many times. Because, even if you submit on a different website, the system at Hilary can still read your data. If there is the same data, then you have to wait 60 days to be able to file again.

Therefore, it is important to follow the procedures if you want the loan application process to run smoothly.


  • The loan nominal is between Rp. 2,000,000 to Rp. 20,000,000
  • Only KTP capital
  • Tenor between 6 months – 20 months
  • Interest of 3% per month
  • Late interest of 0.16% per day
  • Duration of the 24 hour submission process
  • Disbursement of funds 3 working days
  • Age limit of 21 – 55 years
  • Minimum income of IDR 2,000,000 per month

2. Talk N Globe Loan

2. Talk N Globe Loan

Talk N Globe Loan is an online loan application without a pay slip for those of you who need fast funds. With this unsecured loan, you can get funds with only a KTP and cellphone.

Previously, you need to fill in personal data in this application. Then, wait for the verification process regarding your data to be completed and the funds will immediately flow into your account. Through Talk N Globe Loan, your loan application will not be charged anything.

You can also choose the type of loan with a tenor of 14 days, 30 days, up to 3 months according to your needs.


  • Loan nominal is between Rp. 500,000 – Rp. 2,000,000
  • Only KTP capital and selfie with KTP
  • Tenor between 14 days – 3 months
  • Interest of 0.5% per day
  • Disbursement of funds in a short time
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • For the entire population of Indonesia
  • Income conditions

3. Fast credit

3. Fast credit

Only by attaching the application form and uploading your document photo on the Credit Speed ​​website, you can get additional funds in 24 hours. It doesn’t matter where you are, after the application is submitted and the document is received, the credit accelerator will call you for verification. Then you can simply transfer the verification fee, then the money will be sent to your bank account.

After getting a loan, installment payments can be made easily and comfortably. You can do this through internet banking, ATM or bank teller.


  • The maximum loan amount is Rp. 8,000,000
  • The process is 24 hours long
  • Interest of 1% per day
  • Tenor of 5 to 30 days
  • Liquid in 24 hours
  • Minimum age of 22 to 52 years
  • Employment of employees and entrepreneurs
  • For the entire population of Indonesia
  • Minimum income of IDR 3,000,000 per month

4. Moneydiger

4. Moneydiger

Moneydiger is also one of the providers of loans without collateral and salary slips. They claim to be an online loan application that can be liquid immediately in minutes (30 minutes).

The requirements and documents needed to apply for a loan in this application are: (1) Ages 22 – 60 years and (2) Certain employees or Professionals with a fixed income; (3) No need for documents to be submitted.

You only need to fill in the following information: (a) Personal information and (b) Your bank account information for transfers.


  • Loan nominal is between IDR 500,000 – IDR 5,000,000
  • Tenor between 10 and 40 days
  • The first FREE loan program is available
  • Interest of 1% per day
  • Duration of the 24 hour submission process
  • Minimum age limit is 20 years and maximum is 60 years
  • Employee or professional work
  • For 28 cities in Indonesia
  • Minimum income of IDR 2,000,000 per month

5. Yen Tolae

5. Yen Tolae

This type of online loan is designed for those of you who have become Telkomsel customers for more than 90 days.

Yen bank cooperates with Telkomsel to provide long-term loan funds with mild conditions. In addition, this product is one of the loans offered by banks with the requirements that applicants do not need a credit card to do the application.


  • Loan nominal is Rp. 3,000,000 to Rp. 10,000,000
  • Interest starts from 1.99% per month
  • Tenor of 6 months to 30 months
  • Ages 21 – 55 years old
  • Liquid in 3-7 business days
  • Minimum income of IDR 3,000,000 per month
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2 types of construction loans explained Sat, 08 Jun 2019 12:44:32 +0000

It’s exciting to have a house built for you, but the complexity and lack of awareness of mortgage loans for new construction can temper your enthusiasm.

Learn the basics of construction loan and get ready when you decide to build your own home.

2 types of construction loans

2 types of construction loans

There are two main types of home building loans:

  • Permanent Construction: You borrow to pay for the construction. When you move in, the lender converts the loan balance into a permanent mortgage. It’s two loans in one.
  • Self Build: Your first loan pays for construction. When you move in, you take out a mortgage loan to pay off the construction debt. These are two separate loans.

Loans from construction to permanent

Loans from construction to permanent

You only have one fence with a permanent construction loan, which reduces the fees you pay.

During the construction phase, you only pay interest on the outstanding balance. The interest rate is variable during construction, increasing or decreasing with the prime rate. If the Federal Reserve raises or lowers short-term interest rates during the construction of the house, your interest rate will change.

The lender converts the construction loan into a permanent mortgage once the contractor has completed the construction of the house. The permanent mortgage is like any other mortgage. You can choose a fixed or adjustable rate loan and specify the loan term, usually 15 or 30 years. When you’re ready, shop around and compare mortgage rates.

Many lenders let you lock in a maximum mortgage rate at the beginning of construction. Lenders usually require a down payment of at least 20% of the expected amount of the permanent mortgage. Some lenders make exceptions.

Autonomous construction loans

Autonomous construction loans

A self-help building loan can work well if it allows you to make a lower down payment. This can be a major benefit if you already own a house and do not have much money for a down payment, but you will have more after the sale of your home. You can live in your current home while your next house is under construction.

This type of loan, however, has disadvantages:

  • You pay two closures and two sets of fees – first on the construction loan; secondly, on the permanent mortgage.
  • You can not lock a maximum mortgage rate. If rates rise during construction, you may have to pay a higher interest rate than expected on the permanent loan.

And if your financial situation deteriorates during construction, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to claim a mortgage.

Qualifying for a construction loan is more difficult

Qualifying for a construction loan is more difficult

When you apply for a loan to build a house, the lender does not have a full house as collateral, so it can be harder to qualify for a loan. The lender will want details about the size of the house, the materials used, and the contractors and subcontractors who do the work. The general contractor can gather all this information.

In addition to this, the lender must know that you can make your monthly loan payments during construction. If the lender thinks you can not make your current rent or mortgage payment while building your house, you will not qualify.

If you’re sure you can qualify, use Bankrate’s Mortgage Comparison Tool.

Adequate savings for unexpected costs a must

Adequate savings for unexpected costs a must

The lender will ensure that you have savings to pay for unforeseen costs. “When you build a house, there are always cost overruns that you may not know until you are. We do not want them to use every last penny they have before they start, “said Penny Hance, former director of Eastside at Washington Federal in Seattle.

Cost overruns occur when borrowers change their minds about what they want as construction progresses.

Choose your builder carefully

Choose your builder carefully

An important aspect of building your home is choosing the right builder. Find one that has the type of house you want in terms of price, style and size. Examine the builder’s references with the local home builders association and ask for references from previous customers. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against the builder.

Typically, your lender will look at the builder’s credit situation, financial situation and permits, as well as the balance sheet of similar home construction.

Expect inspections during construction

Expect inspections during construction

Lenders will perform routine inspections as the house is built. During this period, the lender pays the builder in stages, called “draws,” and usually sends an appraiser or inspector to make sure the construction goes as planned.

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Are debt consolidation loans difficult to obtain? Fri, 31 May 2019 12:27:04 +0000

So, you are considering applying for a debt consolidation loan. But before you go through this step, you may even wonder if you are likely to be approved.

A number of factors related to your financial situation are taken into account by a lender before granting you a loan.

Here are some things to consider when applying for a consolidation loan.

What is debt consolidation and why would I want to apply for a consolidation loan?

What is debt consolidation and why would I want to apply for a consolidation loan?

Debt consolidation involves taking out a larger debt in order to support your multiple smaller debts.

In doing so, your current balances are repaid and you become responsible for just one new loan.

Debt consolidation is an attractive debt relief solution because it facilitates the management of your debt (a periodic repayment, a creditor to deal with) and allows you to achieve ideal savings through a lower interest rate and lower account fees and fees than if you were having multiple debt accounts.

What will the lender evaluate to accept or refuse my loan application?

What will the lender evaluate to accept or refuse my loan application?

Credit score

As we have already discussed, your credit score (or credit score) is a snapshot of your current credit status.

When a lender receives a credit application, it passes some of its details to one or more of the three Australian credit reporting bureaus, who respond with your credit score.

This shows the lender if you have an excellent probability of repaying the loan amount requested, a good probability, a medium or even low probability.

The lender will use this score as part of their decision-making process.

Income level

Debt consolidation loans are most often formed with a fixed term. This is the time needed to repay the total amount, usually three to five years.

Depending on the total amount of your current debt, your consolidation loan may be quite large and your repayments will need to be of a level to repay the amount within five years.

As a result, lenders must ensure that your income is high enough to meet your repayment responsibilities while maintaining a reasonable budget for your other living expenses.

Assets for security

Lenders often require applicants to have a guarantee or asset to be able to offer a consolidation loan.

This serves as collateral for the lender to potentially recover its losses if you are unable to cope with your repayments.

However, if you do not currently own a home, you can still get a consolidation loan.

Typically, the trade-off is in the form of a high interest rate (around 30%) or some other form of consolidation, such as a credit card balance transfer.

You may find that this will not help you to have a faster financial advance than your current situation. It is best to ask for free financial advice in this case.

Credit history and prior debts

Your credit history is part of what the aforementioned credit bureaus use to formulate your credit score.

If you do not have enough credit history, or if it is poor (whether due to past repayment defaults or bankruptcy), it can work against you when you apply for a loan consolidation. But remember, this is not the only contributing factor.

As you can see, a lender takes a lot into consideration when evaluating a debt consolidation loan application.

This may seem daunting, but you can access free financial advice and support to guide you through the loan application process.


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How to calculate interest on a business loan? Here’s the easiest way! Wed, 15 May 2019 02:16:03 +0000

Loans are everyday life. We take them for a flat, a car or for financing basic household appliances. Simply – thanks to them we can realize our innermost desires. However, when deciding on them, it is worth remembering that the choice of the repayment period has a key impact on the monthly installment and total overheads. And then such a loan becomes more expensive for the sky. Therefore, in order not to be surprised by the final settlements, find out in advance what the actual cost of incurring is.  

Interest – the lower the interest rate on the business loan, the lower the interest rate…  

Interest - the lower the interest rate on the loan, the lower the interest rate...  

It is vain to look for the concept of interest in banking terminology or the Civil Code – although it is a real product that should be taken into account when borrowing. Simply put, interest is a form of payment that the borrower must pay for using a bank or loan offer.   Despite their literalness, they depend on the spectrum of factors and apply to both bank and non-bank loans. When calculating them, account should be taken of:  

  • The type of loan  
  • Amount of the amount borrowed  
  • Interest rate  
  • Loan period  

However, to get a good orientation in the total cost of debt, it is worth to read a few key concepts. Here they are!

APY – no move!  

APY - no move!  

APRC, or Actual Annual Interest Rate, determines the total cost of the liability – just on the basis of the calculation of the monthly installments. Each lender or bank is obliged to provide this parameter to the future borrower, before concluding the contract! So APY is the easiest way to compare individual loan proposals. Therefore, it takes into account not only commission, interest rates, but also costs of additional services.

Nominal interest rate – this is not the entire cost of the commitment!  

Nominal interest rate - this is not the entire cost of the commitment!  

Most often, nominal interest rates are presented in banking offers as tempting and extremely attractive. However, do not be fooled by appearances! It is a payment, which includes: the pure interest rate, the cost of investment risk, as well as the potential inflation rate. In fact, it is the cost borne by the client, and at the same time the remuneration that the bank receives for borrowing money. However, it does not take into account other additional loan fees, such as commission or bank margin!  

Knowledge of the above concepts is the first step to understanding how to calculate the actual installment of the loan. Because you must be aware of the fact that you bear not only interest-related costs, but also commission, preparation, administrative or additional insurance.

Interest and penalties – what are they?  

Interest and penalties - what are they?  

  • Capital interest – in accordance with art. 359 of the Civil Code, are calculated while using a certain sum of money. Currently, they amount to 5% of capital, and their maximum amount can not exceed 10%. Unfortunately, it often happens that the debtor does not regulate his obligation and in this case, lending companies may demand interest for delay! It is their specific protection against an insolvent customer,  
  • Statutory interest for delay in repayment of obligations – their aim is to discipline the debtor to repay the borrowed money. They are equally a sanction for failure to make the payment within the set deadline. Therefore, if the contract is not signed, the provisions of the Civil Code are used for the amount of criminal interest. According to them, penalty interest is the sum of the NBP reference rate and 5.5 points. rates. At present, the reference rate remains at – 1.5% – so interest for delay will be 7%.  

Therefore, remember that every bank or other financial institution will always demand repayment of the total debt. Simply – interest is an additional source of profit for them. In the Civil Code, there is even a provision that the lender has the right to charge additional penalty interest, even if he has not suffered any financial loss due to a delay, and the whole situation is not the result of the client’s intended action. According to the regulation of the Minister of Justice, they can not exceed 14% in the whole year.

Are interest expired?  

Are interest expired?  

At the time of emergence, interest becomes a component independent of the principal debt. They are periodic in nature and according to the regulations, they expire after three years – and this applies to all types of interest! Except when the creditor receives a valid court order to pay interest. Then, their deadline expires after six years! Read also: When the debt expires?

How to calculate interest?  

How to calculate interest?  

In this case, we have a number of loan calculators available to calculate the amount of the potential installment. However, you will need the following data for this:  

  • Loan amounts  
  • Interest rates per annum – that is, the interest rate taken into account along with the bank’s margin  
  • The loan period  

After the calculation, they show not only the value of the total debt, but also how the decreasing installment or the ratio of the capital installment to the interest will change, when choosing the equal installment. Also read: Decreasing or equal installments in a mortgage loan?   You can also go to the loan and loan department and ask for a possible simulation of the total loan costs. As a last resort, there is also an option to calculate the amount of installments independently – but this is an extremely complicated matter and it is worth giving it to specialists.

Decide on the loan consciously!  

Decide on the loan consciously!  

According to the information provided by us – anyone who wants to make a financial commitment must do so with the head and with a lot of caution! Because you must know that by taking a loan or a loan you are forced to pay back the zloty, not only the money you have borrowed, but the interest included in the contract. And with that delay, you get into more and more trouble, because penalty interest does not know pity and usually grow at an alarming rate.  

Therefore, a loose approach to the provisions contained in the contract may lead to a financial disaster – especially if you have other obligations to pay off. Also read our guide on how to get out of the debt spiral? thanks to which it can be easier to go straight.

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12 Best Loans Guaranteed for Bad Credit Wed, 03 Apr 2019 12:40:49 +0000

For more than 3,000 years, human beings have used goods – and sometimes work – as collateral for a financial loan. In fact, the word pion comes from Latin pannum or clothing, which was the most widespread form of guarantee in fifteenth-century Europe.

Today, most lenders will not accept your best equipment as collateral for a loan, but other valuable assets can often be used to secure a loan. Although auto and home loans are traditionally secured, some personal loans may also be easier to obtain when the borrower provides an adequate guarantee.

Personal loans are individual loans that can be used for various purposes, unlike auto or home loans, which must be used to purchase these specific products.

Personal loans with so varied goals, all personal loans will not be used to buy something with a guarantee value. As a result, secured or collateral personal loans are among the most seldom offered, as many large banks do not offer them at all.

On the upside, you may not really need collateral to get a personal loan, depending on the size of the loan and your credit profile. Smaller personal loans with shorter durations may be available even for those with poor credit.

Personal loans with guarantee

Personal loans with guarantee

There are two main types of collateral that can be used as collateral for personal loans: vehicles and savings accounts.

Some lenders will accept the vehicles as collateral if you have sufficient capital and want to put the title as collateral. A handful of banks will also accept a savings account or CD (certificate of deposit) as collateral for personal loans.

Remember that anything you give as collateral for a loan is likely to foreclose if you are in default. Carefully read the terms of your loan agreement – before you sign it – to be sure of the conditions that will lead to a default and seizure of the guarantee.

1. Astro Financial

 Astro Financial specializes in consumer loans and personal loans. The company has made loans to more than 10 million borrowers since 1912.

While your credit profile and earnings continue to play a role in determining your approval, Astro typically accepts various types of vehicles as collateral for personal loans.

Acceptable types of vehicles under warranty include cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, caravans and RVs.

The guarantee used for a Astro loan must be evaluated to ensure its value. In addition, all vehicles used as collateral must be insured against physical damage for the duration of the loan.

2. Cargow

 Cargow has been part of the American landscape since the mid-nineteenth century, when the company transported people and goods in stagecoaches to the west. Today, Cargow provides a variety of banking services, including chequing and savings accounts, as well as several types of loans.

Although the use of warranties may not increase your chances of being approved, you may use a savings account or a CD account as collateral to reduce your APR for a secured line of credit or personal loan from Cargow. The account must be with Cargow to qualify.

The amount you will use as collateral will determine the amount of your loan, with loan amounts ranging from € 3,000 to € 250,000. Your savings or CD account will continue to earn interest normally when you repay your loan.

3. Dumpling Finance

Dumpling Finance is a financial technology company founded in 2015. Dumpling Finance specializes in lines of credit on automotive value (CELOC) and also offers a prepaid card.

Dumpling Finance equity loans use the equity of your car as collateral. Borrowers can obtain financing from Dumpling Finance, regardless of their credit, provided they meet the criteria. To be considered as a warranty, the vehicle must be in your name and you must be the owner of your vehicle without privilege.

The equity in the car must be sufficient to cover the amount of the loan requested and you will have to subscribe to an all risks and prepaid collision insurance for the duration of the loan. Applicants currently in bankruptcy proceedings will not be eligible.

Unsecured personal loans

Unsecured personal loans

Before assuming that you need any collateral to get a loan, it might be worth exploring unsecured personal loan options. Although people with low credit may have more difficulty qualifying for unsecured personal loans, various lenders may still be willing to try their luck.

One of the easiest ways to simultaneously search for quotes from multiple lenders is to use an online loan network. These networks connect borrowers with lenders across the country, which increases the chances of finding a lender who will work with you (and your credit). Our expert choices for personal loan networks are presented below.

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